Your oral health is impacted by the kind of food you eat. More often than not, we eat food that can damage our teeth. Although we have dentists that we can always count on whenever we have problems regarding our teeth, it is not advisable to go see a dentist often. Aside from the expensive fee, your teeth can only take so much drugs and chemicals that are used in whitening, filling, or treating the teeth. You should be responsible for every little thing that concerns your health, and that includes your dental health.


In today’s article, we’ll tackle the 5 worst foods that can potentially damage your pearly white teeth.


1.      Candies or anything sweet

Excessive sugar intake can cause many dental problems. This may harm your tooth’s enamel that can lead to teeth sensitivity and other dental diseases. If you can’t brush your teeth after you eat candy, make sure you gargle with water to at least remove some sugar that may linger on your teeth.


2.      Sticky foods

This kind of food stays longer than any other kind of food; hence, why you must brush your teeth immediately after eating sticky food. Sticky food can get stuck between your teeth which can only be removed through flossing.


3.      Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits may be great for your health, but did you know that consuming too much citrus can lead to the destruction of your enamel? Lemons and grapefruits are very high in citrus acid. You can have oranges instead for they have low citrus acid as compared to lemons and grapefruit.


4.      Coffee

Coffee may leave stains on your teeth that can easily attract plaque, especially if you are drinking a heavy black coffee. The dark coloring of the coffee can stick to the ridges and cracks of your teeth which can then lead to teeth discoloration.


5.      Starchy foods

Starchy foods like potato chips, pizzas, white beads, pastas, etc. can stick between your teeth. If you let these foods remain on your teeth, they can turn into sugar that may damage your tooth’s enamel. This can cause tooth decay because bacteria are attracted to it.


While too much brushing is not recommended by your Rancho Cucamonga Family Dentist, we should always remember to brush and floss our teeth at least twice a day, especially after we eat or drink acidic beverage and eat dark-colored food. 

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