Invisalign treatment is offered by Rancho Cucamonga dentist


When patients are faced with misaligned teeth, overcrowding, or poor bite alignment, they may consider the benefits of orthodontic work. However, covering the smile with metal brackets and wires often causes many teenagers and adults to reconsider improving their look. Thanks to continued advances in orthodontics, patients in the area of Rancho Cucamonga may now be able to visit their dentist for treatment—and eliminate the unsightly orthodontia!


Invisalign is a treatment that has been around for several years and continues to gain popularity with teenagers and adults. Invisalign works without brackets and wires. Instead, this method uses special aligner trays. The aligner trays are worn over the dental arch every day and night. An entire series is made, and each tray is worn, in order, for two weeks until switching to the next. By the end of the series, patients will have a completely transformed smile!


Many patients love the ease of use with Invisalign. Invisalign is practically indistinguishable from the natural smile, allowing patients to feel confident with their smile even while undergoing treatment. Invisalign works over the course of time, typically many months, until the results are achieved. At the end of treatment, patients typically use their last tray as a retainer, wearing it at night to maintain results. Invisalign is affordable and often comparable in cost to traditional braces—with faster results and less embarrassment!


The dentists of Our Vision Your Smile in the Hesperia and Rancho Cucamonga area want to help patients achieve more beautiful smiles with today’s most amazingly advanced solutions. Invisalign is just one of several treatment options available to patients seeking cosmetic enhancements. We have two convenient locations, including 15550 Main & 11th Street, Ste B-7 in Hesperia, CA at (760) 947-7777 and our Rancho Cucamonga office at 8283 Grove Avenue, Suite 208, (909) 985-9898. Call us today to make an appointment and allow our team of dentists to address the imperfections with your smile!  

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