Alternatives to Drinks High in Sugar Content

When summer is at its hottest, many choose to reach for a cold soda or pop, or even a sport’s drink to quench their thirst. The problem with these drinks is that many of them offer little nutritional value and are high in sugar content, which in turn leads to an increase in dental cavities and erosion of tooth enamel.


Drinks That are High in Sugar:


      - Soda

      - Sport’s drink

      - Fruit juice or drink

      - Chocolate milk

      - Flavored lattes (cold and hot)

      - Iced Tea

      - Flavored water

      - Smoothies


There are some great alternatives to these drinks that will still give you a refreshing choice and all with less sugar. Let’s see some of the best ones.




For some this drink may be boring, but it is proven to be the best way to quench your thirst and rehydrate your body.


Water can be naturally infused with fruit slices and even cucumber slices to give it a bit more pizazz for your taste buds. Resist the urge to add in sugary mixes to your water as they are often really sweet and don’t have nutritional value the way that fruit does.


Unsweetened Tea (Cold or Hot)


Whatever way you take your tea, ask for it unsweetened to allow yourself to add in your own sugar. This let’s you see how much sugar you are actually putting into your body. You can also ask for your beverage to be half sweetened to cut out a lot of unnecessary sugar, the more often you do this the more you will find you don’t need as much sugar in your drinks.


Sparkling Water Mixed with Natural Juices


Sparkling water is becoming more accessible than ever before, in fact you can even buy equipment that will allow you to turn your ordinary tap water into sparkling water. This makes this concoction even more easily produced by simply adding some natural juice to add more flavor.


Chocolate Milk Split with Regular Milk


Kids love chocolate milk, cut the sugar in half by mixing it with equal parts regular milk.

Spend your summer enjoying the sun not dreading the visit you will have to the dentist because of all the extra sugar you are consuming. Think carefully before you quench your thirst and visit your Dental Office Rancho Cucamonga regularly.

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