Monthly Blogs from your Dentist in Hesperia CA

There's more updated news, information, and facts to share about dentistry than a patient may think! That's why your dentists in Hesperia and Rancho Cucamonga created this portion of our website. These frequently updated blogs will range from topics to oral hygiene tips, to historical facts, and more! We here at Family Specialty Dentistry find it important for patients to have these informational updates at the tip of their fingers.


Check out our monthly blog choices below!


September 2018

-Dry Mouth Help


August 2018

-Common Types of Oral Surgery


July 2018

-Bone Grafting


June 2018

-Braces and Pregnancy


May 2018

-Keeping Teeth Healthy This Summer


April 2018

-What's All the Buzz About Xylitol?


March 2018

-How Did Early Americans Care for Teeth?


February 2018

-The Day Before Braces


January 2018

-How HIV & AIDS Affect Dental Health


December 2017

-Proper Dental Hygiene with Braces


November 2017

-Acid Erosion & Your Tooth Enamel


October 2017

-Creating Beautiful Smiles


September 2017

-Teeth Straightening Tips

-Changing Smiles with Orthodontics


August 2017

-Dental Signs of Eating Disorders


July 2017

- Alternatives to Drinks High in Sugar Content


June 2017

- Laser Dentistry


May 2017

- Wearing Braces at Any Age

- Tooth Extractions


April 2017

Choosing Oral Rinses With Care


March 2017

Finding a certified pediatric dentist

Avoid Teeth Gap in Children


February 2017

Things to Know Before Removing Your Braces

- Different Archwire Forms in Braces?





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