Rancho Cucamonga CA Dentist Breaks Down Bone Grafting

Bone loss in the jaw is a severe consequence of missing teeth. This loss begins immediately after a tooth is lost because the stimulation needed from chewing is no longer occurring. To correct this, the dentist uses bone grafting. Here’s what you want to know.
Major Bone Grafting
A major bone graft is used to repair implant sites when extraction has occurred. It’s also used after gum disease or injury causes deterioration to the jaw bone. Bone is taken from a tissue bank for the patient’s use. For the upper jaw, the bone graft is done in the sinuses. Sometimes membranes are used to dissolve beneath the gum in order to protect the graft and encourage its regeneration.
Minor Bone Grafting
A minor bone graft is used for repairing defects of the jaw. Sometimes, these defects are caused by a traumatic injury, congenital defects or tumor surgery. More substantial defects will be corrected using the patient’s bones. If there are significant areas of deterioration, bone harvesting can occur from the lateral knee, hip or skull.
Ridge Expansion
If a patient requires ridge expansion, it’s generally because the ridge is reabsorbed. There is often a need to increase either the width or the height for dental implants. This bone graft restores the lost bone dimension because the ridge has become too thin to put in an implant. In this procedure, the jaw’s ridge is expanded with the use of mechanical means. This bone graft needs to be placed and then matured for a few months prior to an implant being placed.
Risks of Bone Graft
There are some risks to bone grafts:
Injury to the nerves
Bone graft rejection
Graft reabsorption
If your dentist recommends the use of bone grafting for your dental care, you’ll want to be sure to discuss all the particulars and risks involved. Your Rancho Cucamonga, CA dentist knows what is best for your care and bone grafting is a standard procedure. Feel free to write down any questions you might have and take them to your next appointment for clarification.
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