Hesperia, CA Orthodontics and Pregnancy

Do braces and pregnancy work together? Many people wonder if orthodontic treatments are safe during pregnancy, and it’s a valid concern. 
Is It Safe?
Basic orthodontic treatments are entirely safe to continue during your pregnancy. If you had your braces on prior to conception, there aren’t any reasons to believe you will harm your fetus. If you don’t yet have the braces on, but have your x-rays done already, then you are also perfectly able to move on with treatment. 
Another concern is in regards to various medications. There are many medications that shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy. When you have your braces put on or adjusted, the dentist doesn’t use any anesthesia, so that’s not a concern. If you have pain, you can easily alleviate that with a cold pack or saltwater rinse to avoid pain medications as well. 
Does Pregnancy Affect the Results of Braces?
Most orthodontic devices are considered safe during pregnancy, but some factors make things a little more challenging. Hormones might cause your teeth to become loose. This might cause your plan to need some adjustments. 
These hormones might also affect the levels of plaque in your mouth. The additional bacteria that are often present might cause your gums to become more swollen. If you experience further discomfort, you need to speak with your orthodontist.
Eating Concerns
Many women struggle with morning sickness. The braces might inhibit you from eating certain foods that make it easier for you. This will certainly require an adjustment in your nutritional needs.
Most women who are pregnant while undergoing orthodontic treatment experience no issues at all. The best time to have braces is before conception, but you don’t want to always put your life on hold. Just make sure that you visit your orthodontist regularly and discuss any unusual problems with them. By attending your regular adjustments and cleanings, you have the best chance of sailing through this time with ease. Just think, in a short time, you’ll not only have a new baby to enjoy but also a beautiful and healthy smile to show off as well.
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