Changing Smiles with Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments focus mainly on improving poor positioning of the teeth. It can also help with bite issues. Sometimes people will use orthodontic treatments for cosmetic purposes only while other times it is important to improve the quality of life. Here’s what you need to know about how orthodontics changes a smile.
Changing a Smile
To have a beautiful smile, it is essential the teeth are aligned properly. This requires the perfect placement of each tooth. Only the orthodontic dentistry field is capable of correcting placement and alignment issues.
An orthodontist is capable of creating a completely new smile by using their treatments. For other patients, there are only several teeth out of place causing issues. In this case, the dentist is capable of focusing on that target area to create a stunning appearance.
To see if you are eligible for treatments, you’ll want to visit your local orthodontist. There, they will be able to offer the following diagnostics to see if you are a good candidate:
Impressions – Molds of your teeth will be studied to determine the placement of your teeth and how they meet.
Articulated Models – These models can be put into a machine called the articulator. This will study the jaw movement for treatment options.
Photographs – Looking at your smile and the position of your teeth through photographs can offer a great point of view on treatment options.
X-Rays – This can also help to see the placement of your teeth and the relationship to your jaw bone.
Computer Imaging – This is newer technology that allows the dentist to see things more clearly.
Appliances to Correct Teeth Placement
The orthodontist might recommend several different appliances that will correct the placement of the teeth.
Braces – device used to align and straighten teeth. They help with the bite and correct ailments such as underbites, overbites, malocclusions, cross bites, crooked teeth and more.
Retainers – hold teeth in position after realignment. Once your teeth have been straightened you will need this to avoid teeth relapse.
If you are ready for a more beautiful smile filled with straight teeth, it is time to seek out Hesperia, CA orthodontics at Family Specialty Dentistry. 
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