Improve Your Dental Transformation by Keeping Up with These Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Rancho Cucamonga CA Dentist


It’s a big step to receive braces as an adult, but having a healthy smile is an important part of your overall health and benefits more than just providing straighter teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a special area of dentistry that aligns both your teeth and jaw in order to improve your oral and dental health. With crooked teeth and improper bites, patients are at risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and more. Here at Family Specialty Dentistry, we want all of our patients to feel comfortable and ready to start their orthodontic journey, so we’ll be discussing some helpful tips for adults with braces.


Your daily routine will change once you get braces. Your diet will change the most, since we highly recommend avoiding foods that are chewy and sticky, as well as foods that are hard and crunchy. These will easily get caught in your teeth, brackets and wires and be extremely difficult to remove. Although the standard of brushing your teeth is two times a day, you should brush your teeth after every meal you eat. Over-brushing can be harmful, which is why we also advice to skip out on any snacks in between your main meals and stick to the basics.


There are some toothbrushes that work best for your teeth when you’re wearing braces, so don’t be afraid to ask what the best is! During this cleaning routine, rinse your mouth out with water to remove any of the loose food particles that could be stuck in or around your braces. When you brush, make sure that you’re brushing at the gum line both above and below the brackets, holding the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to get the optimal locations where food pieces and bacteria may hide.


No matter how well or how often you brush your teeth, don’t forget about flossing, too! Flossing once a day gets those hard-to-reach places that toothbrushes don’t have the ability to clean. It’s extremely important to brush while you wear braces since there’s double the amount of spaces that bacteria and food particles can hide.


Here at Family Specialty Dentistry, we offer braces consultation at both of our locations. We want all of our patients to benefit from this orthodontic treatment so their smile can be the best it can be. To schedule at our Rancho Cucamonga location, call (909) 985-9898, and to schedule at our Hesperia location, call (760) 947-7777 today.

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