Hesperia CA Dentist Discusses Common Types of Oral Surgery

Just like any other part of the body, your teeth might need to have repair or surgery if injured. Dental surgery is often feels more traumatizing because your teeth are inside of your mouth. This is also a problem for people because the mouth is part of your face and your mouth is a major part of who you are. 
Many people worry that they won't look or feel the same after dental surgery. But, in reality, the problem you are having right now is holding you back more than anything. If you are suffering from severe tooth decay, a serious fracture, or even extreme mobility, you may have to undergo dental surgery. You may think removing a tooth will change who you are or how you look but in the long run, it can make a huge difference as to how you feel about yourself. 
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 
A very common dental surgery is wisdom tooth extraction. This surgery is usually recommended at a younger age when a person’s health is in optimal condition rather than waiting until a problem occurs. If you wait until a problem occurs, you may be compromising your entire health. This surgery is done after the dentist is sure that the teeth will not grow in a favorable position in the mouth. Wisdom tooth extraction is performer to ensure that your teeth will stay in their normal alignment. 
Bone Grafting 
When a tooth has been removed from the jaw, the healing process could result in the loss of bone structure. To receive an implant placement, or “fake tooth”, you need to have the necessary bone volume to ensure a successful outcome. 
Bone grafting, once the extraction is done, is a safe and effective method for making sure that the bone tissue is preserved rather than lost during extraction. Bone grafting is even recommended for those who are not looking to get an implant. It ensures that the gums are kept in good condition. 
Soft Tissue/Gum Grafting
Soft tissue or gum grafting is a dental procedure that repairs the gums that have been receding or thinning due to gum disease. Gum grafting may be the most appropriate surgery to be performed if you have had significant gum recession effects or if you have thin, fragile or inflamed gums. This is especially true if you follow your oral hygiene procedures as recommended and still have issues with your gums. 
Periodontal Disease 
Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is an infection that affects the gums and the jaw bone. This can lead to loss of gum and teeth. There are two stages to this disease, gingivitis and then periodontitis. Gingivitis is much milder case and can be reversed if proper actions is taken. However, periodontitis is more severe and in the worst cases, gum surgery will be required in order to reverse the effects caused by the disease. 
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