Dentist in Apple Valley CA on Different Archwire Forms in Braces

The ability to move the teeth while wearing braces is dependent on the wires used. An orthodontic archwire is used in correcting the irregularities, especially in the positioning and alignment of the teeth. Archwires have retentive purposes.


In this article, your Dentist in Apple Valley CA discusses orthodontic archwire and their different forms.


Why are there different archwire forms?

There are different archwire forms that a dentist may choose from. Choosing the right archwire can impact treatment time, produce better results, and even give ease and comfort to the patient. There are different types of wire, different forms, sizes, and force values for a successful treatment.


What are the common materials that archwire are made of?

Orthodontic archwires can be made from a number of alloys, stainless steel, nickel-titanium alloy, or even beta-titanium alloy.


What are the different archwire forms?


·         Natural Archwire Form I


This Form I Archwire is used for treatments without needing thorough manipulation. It has an expanded anterior that provides correction, and it is long enough and sufficient for patients with tie-back bends.


·         Natural Archwire Form II


This type of archwire is recommended for patients with narrow facial features or those with constrained oral cavities. It is ideal to be used for patients who use low profile brackets or when the brackets are placed too gingivally.


·         Natural Archwire Form III


This archwire form has a gentle curve. It is popularly used internationally and has become the ideal for single-winged bracket systems. It is also recommended for self-litigating bracket systems where low friction is required.


·         VLP Arch


This is designed so that there would be an increased benefit when using a passive self-litigating bracket system. It is a wider arch form and has the ability to create more arch length; thus, it may reduce the need for extractions because of crowding.


·         Alexander LTS Arch


This one is designed for the employment of the Alexander Technique. It can be used by clinicians who prefer a perfect shaped arch form.


·         Bonwill Hawley Arch


This one is considered as a classic arch form. It is referred to be a standard form as it has a general arch symmetry. The wire can be reshaped and contoured. Its length is adequate for a number of loops and adjustments.



There are different types of archwires that can be used to maximize your orthodontic treatment. Your dentist in Apple Valley CA will determine which one can work best for you to achieve optimal results. 

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