Halloween Healthy Smiles

National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween both fall in October…is that cruel, or the ultimate opportunity to educate about important oral health topics? Your Rancho Cucamonga family dentist pleads to the latter. What better time to discuss at-home oral health care needs and practices than a time when you may be eating candy by the fistful?!


Well, as a frequent reader of our blog, you know we cover oral health maintenance and prevention topics fairly regularly. Simply click back into our blog to see. We don’t always get to discuss how Halloween candy can impact your smile, and we are fully taking the opportunity today to do so!


Quantity vs Quality

It’s no secret that companies sell bags full of your favorite treats for super low prices this time of the year. Most importantly, they are bite sized, so what could the harm be? If you eat it in large quantities or the wrong kind, it could actually be quite substantial.


Let’s first talk the two different “binge eating” methods when it comes to candy. The first is the “all at once” technique. Eating 10-15 little squares of your favorite is definitely not encouraged, nor healthy for your teeth. Try to limit your intake to 1-2 pieces a day, and make sure to brush and floss regularly.


Secondly, the “spread out” technique. Eating 1 piece every half hour during your work day, not as amazing for you either. The sugar has a longer time to sit on the teeth in this scenario, which helps instances of decay and worse develop.


Quality is also important to mention here, as there are some candies that are better for you than others. Stick candies, like taffy and the like, are the absolute worst for your teeth. They can get stuck in-between the teeth and result in issues aforementioned and more if not removed properly. Try some chocolates instead!


For more information on keeping your smile non-spooky this Halloween season, call the office of your Rancho Cucamonga family dentist today at (909) 985-9898. Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

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