High Desert CA General Dentist Teaches Patients Historical Facts of Dentistry


When it comes to taking care of your smile, it’s become much easier to do so now than it was in the past. Keeping up with your dental care is just as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning and at night while also maintaining a proper diet. Around the time of Ancient Origins, which is between 5000 BC and the very early 200 AD, people were discovering dental issues and trying to find ways to solve them. Fast forward to now and look at all of the advancements we have in the dental world! Your High Desert CA dentist provides historical information about the progression of dentistry below.


Well-known philosophers, Aristotle and Hippocrates, were known to write about dentistry, including dental extractions, using wires to stabilize loose teeth and treatment options for decaying teeth and gum disease. This was around 500-300 BC and while it was many centuries ago, it’s still an incredible discovery!


To learn more about the history of dentistry, check out this timeline provided by the American Dental Association. If it’s time to schedule an appointment for your bi-annual check-up, call either office that’s closest to you; our Hesperia location can be reached at (760) 947-7777 or our Rancho Cucamonga location can be reached at (909) 985-9898. Your dentist serves Apple Valley, High Desert, and Victorville CA.


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