Laser Dentistry

Laser technology is a great way to provide a service to patients in a minimally invasive way. Laser dentistry can help patients in a vast array of dental treatments for optimal oral health care. This newer technology can be safely used on both hard and soft tissue to help increase the ease and efficiency of many procedures.


Laser Dentistry Areas:


  • Mouth and gums
  • Cheeks
  • Teeth and bone


Soft Tissue Procedures


Some of the soft tissue areas that a laser can work on are that of the mouth, gums and cheeks. As the lasers provide the dentist with an advanced tool, the damaged area can be worked on directly with the laser without hurting the healthy surrounding tissue.


Gum surgeries, such as gum contouring and fixing periodontal disease are effectively taken care of with the aid of laser dentistry. Soft tissue lasers are adept at killing surrounding bacteria, removing a tissue that is diseased and providing the patient with an overall clean procedure. As a result of this technology, the patient will feel more at ease and will heal more quickly.


Hard Tissue Procedures


Just as with the soft tissue procedures, the lasers can be finely tuned to focus on a target spot within the oral cavity, the bone or the teeth. The laser will focus on the diseased part of the tooth or bone and will diminish any damage done to the surrounding healthy hard tissue.


As the laser results in less pain for the patient, less pain medication is often required for the procedure. There is also no sound of a drill, which can allow for the patient and dentist to feel more at ease when working on the hard tissue within the oral cavity.


The laser sets the surface of the tooth up for other procedures such as, root canals, fillings and bonding. The healing from a laser procedure is also more efficient from this type of technology.


If you feel as though you need a dental procedure done and would like to try laser dentistry as an option, talk wit your dentist about whether this is a possibility for you. Call your Rancho Cucamonga CA Dentist today to discover other dental practices, procedures, and possibilities.

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