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Here at Family Specialty Dentistry, we offer dental services to patients of all ages - including children! The AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) suggests that children should visit the dentist for the first time by the time they turn one. If their first tooth arrives early, it is recommended to schedule your appointment within the next six months.


A fun, effective oral care routine should also be established at a young age within a child’s home. These good oral habits and preventive measures will protect their healthy smiles as they grow. Baby teeth must be properly cared for even though they will eventually be replaced by their permanent set. 

Oral Care Tips
-Children should brush their teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time. Set a timer when they begin, or play some music to help pass the time.
-Help your child floss in between teeth. Fun “kid friendly” flavors or hand-held flossers make it easy.
-Sugary snack intake should be limited, healthy meals high in vitamins create strong bones and teeth.
-Introduce them to the tooth fairy
-Please try to avoid any negative words that may frighten or cause dental anxiety prior to their appointment.


Family Friendly
Our Hesperia and Rancho Cucamonga dental offices strive to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The friendly and caring staff at each location will make your child’s visit as pleasant as possible. Family Specialty Dentistry provides high quality care for the whole family. A happy and healthy smile is our goal.
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