Teeth Straightening Tips

Braces and invisible aligners have the ability to change your smile into the one you’ve always dreamed about. Despite having a fantastic result, it’s no secret that braces or aligners aren’t always the most convenient or comfortable dental apparatus to have to take care of day in and day out. Here are some tips for making your treatment go by as safely and quickly as possible.
1. Don’t overuse your rubber bands.
If you have any kind of underbite or overbite, it’s possible that your orthodontist will ask that you wear rubber bands on your braces. These bands generally attach diagonally to the brackets of your braces to help properly align your jaw. Many patients are tempted to overuse these rubber bands in an attempt to speed up the process. However, this is highly likely to backfire and over correct your bite. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions exactly so that your treatment timeline stays on track. 
2. Eat the right foods.
Protecting your braces’ apparatus is, of course, essential to making sure that your treatment finishes on time. Consuming too much chewy or hard candy such as jawbreakers and taffy might damage your braces and leave you with an extended treatment period. Make sure to treat your braces with care, and eat soft foods that won’t break your brackets. 
3. Consider all options of treatment.
If wearing traditional braces is very uncomfortable for you, ask your dentist about types of orthodontic treatment that are made to come off faster. Damon braces, for examples, are made with a particular kind of apparatus that allows them to self-adjust instead of the orthodontist having to do it for you. Additionally, schedule a consultation with your doctor to discuss a treatment called AcceleDent. This will move your teeth along even faster than invisible aligners in some cases. 
4. Keep your aligners clean.
Keeping your aligners free of debris and bacteria is essential to ensuring that your treatment timeline stays on track. Make sure that you listen carefully to the directions of your doctor so that you clean them with the proper material and as often as needed. Too much bacteria could potentially weaken your aligners and make it more difficult for them to function correctly.
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