The Day Before Braces

Getting your braces on can be a little terrifying and exciting all in one. It means that soon your teeth will be straight and spectacular. There are some pointers of things you might want to consider doing before you get those braces on.
Eat Some “No-No” Foods
Everyone knows that there are foods that don’t go well with braces. If you are about to get braces on, it might be good to splurge a little and get the cravings out of your system. Some popular choices are:
Hard candy
Raw carrots
Beef jerky
Brush and Floss as Normal
Once your braces are on, it will be difficult to brush and floss like a “regular” person. You’ll need the help of new techniques and tools to get those teeth clean. Enjoy your last chance to floss and brush normally before getting those braces put on.
Don’t worry! Your dentist will show you how to clean your teeth before you leave the office.
Take a Before Picture
Before you get those braces on, make sure you get one last selfie to compare yourself to. Then, you’ll be able to look at your before and after and see the dramatic difference once it’s over.
Enjoy the Day
Braces can be exciting but it also brings with it some anxiety. Alleviate your stress by enjoying your last day to the fullest. Plan a fun outing with friends or head to the movies. Your braces could be on for a good amount of time, but it will fly by quickly.
There’s nothing to worry about as new technology has made braces virtually painless. Consider spending the day thinking about how beautiful your smile is going to be when it’s over. Picture how much self-esteem you’ll have when your teeth are straight and healthy looking. You’ll finally have the smile you always wanted, so walk proudly with your head held high. 
If you have concerns about getting your braces on, be sure to speak with your dentist in Hesperia, CA prior to the procedure. The dentist wants your fears to be alleviated so don’t be afraid to ask anything.
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