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Just because you have completed the deal with your orthodontist does not mean that you are through with having to relentlessly and thoroughly look after your dentures. If anything, now is the time to gear up and start new regimens on dental care. Here are some important things to know before removing your braces:


- Maintain good dental hygiene

Although this should have been done the minute you learned how to independently brush your own teeth, it is imperative that you continue to clean up well as the effects are quite obvious. Those that are too lax with their dentures when having braces end up with “white scars” which are little white silhouettes of the braces when the brackets are taken off.Understand the doffing and cleaning process. 


- Understand the doffing and cleaning process

Do not be intimidated by the pliers your dentist uses. These will help them remove the brackets from your teeth. Most of the time, the adhesive residue will cling onto your teeth which can be removed by a scraper. This may cause some discomfort, so always inform your dentist if your teeth or gums are quite sensitive. Some dentists may immediately opt to create a mold for your retainers.


- Discoloration, discomfort, callouses

Although you will be sporting a more beautiful and confident smile, taking off your braces may sharpen your view on other things. Discoloration, for example, is a common after effect of removing braces. There will be a slight discomfort, especially when getting back to eating and speaking without additional contraptions in your mouth. When you swipe your tongue across your cheeks, you may notice some callouses formed by the brackets but these will wear out in time.


- Handle your teeth gently

Your teeth will then be adjusting to its new environment. Opt out of immediately diving into crunchy and chewy goods as this may add some strain to your teeth. Be gentle and maintain good hygiene and wear your retainers as scheduled.


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