Dental sedation is generally a safe procedure. Dental professionals make it a point to review every patient’s medical history before going through with the procedure. In addition, they monitor patients under sedation closely. The following are some of the five basic situations where dental sedation should be avoided:


1. Patients w/ allergic reactions to sedatives

It is important to not confuse side effects with allergic reactions. Although allergic reactions to sedatives are rare, it is imperative to consult with your dental professional first. Bringing up the topic before undergoing treatment should be done to avoid complications while sedated.


2. Patients who are unaccompanied or drove themselves to the dentist

For obvious safety reasons, it is not recommended to drive yourself home from a dentist especially when you had just undergone dental sedation. Your senses are just not that reliable yet. It is better to have someone drive you to and fro the dentist.


3. Patients who are sick

Your body has to be healthy enough to undergo dental treatment. In cases where a patient would need to be deeply sedated, a weak body could end up with hypoventilation. This is when your body doesn’t get enough oxygen, resulting to an increased concentration of carbon dioxide.


4. Having alcohol in the body prior to a dental appointment

Having a shot or two of alcohol prior to a dental appointment is what some people do to calm the nerves. However, it is best to avoid alcohol consumption as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the sedatives that are to be administered.


5.  Having too much to eat before a dental appointment

Going in for a dental appointment with a full stomach could end up messy. One possible side effect of dental sedatives is getting nauseous. Throwing up what you had for breakfast or lunch while sedated won’t be easy for both you and the dentist.



Dental sedatives are generally safe for everyone. Rarely are there occasions where dental sedatives must be avoided except in certain cases. As a patient, it is best to always inform your dentist of your current condition before undergoing any form of dental treatment.

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